Solid wood flooring production process
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The first step: selection of split logs
Good to the good wood floors, wood quality and the impact on the quality of the floor is essential. Good brand of quality control checks from the beginning of the selection of logs, wood is a good basis for producing high-quality floor

Step Two: Dry veneer logs
This process used to manufacture multi-layer parquet wood core board substrate, the substrate quality and solid wood plank floor of the quality of the finished product are inseparable. Rotary cutting out the wood plank thickness of 1.5 mm after peeling will take some time to dry.

The third step: separation of solid wood core board
In order to ensure the quality of each piece of flooring, manufacturers usually choose Bohou formal uniform thickness, and no defects, no broken wood plank flooring substrate as by full-time member of the floor separating the substrate selection.

Step four: Core glue board row
Specialized coating equipment to operate, can ensure coating uniformity, to improve coating efficiency. The 8-10 layer of thin plastic coated wood plank orderly criss-cross layered, bonded together, can change the direction of extension of the original wood fiber. It is this step, thoroughly improved solid wood swelling shrinkage limitations.

Step five: Core heat-sealing
Hot is the parquet production process is an important process, it is directly related to the quality of the finished floor. Large plants using more advanced hot-pressing equipment, production management process monitoring, product quality and therefore more stable.

Step Six: fixed substrate thickness sander
Using a large set of floor sander thick substrate surface, at the end of the set thickness sanding, ensure board flatness and surface finish, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the product for the decorative surface veneer of pressure attached to the rare species provide a reliable guarantee .

Step Seven: Health substrate separation
Floor substrate in the initial processing is completed, even after careful hand sorting to remove unqualified products. After a high temperature and pressure, exist within a larger substrate stress, balance the need to put it aside for 15 days to 20 days the release of this internal stress, making the substrate balance and stability. This process is called health.

Eighth step: selection of solid wood dough
Parquet used for northern dry environment, so critical to the stability dimension. In order to prevent heating in the dry season, cracking phenomena, big brand parquet surface of the precious wood veneer all kinds of professional staff an a selection of quality, moisture control is stringent.

Step Nine: floor mat forming
Will be a good selection of environmentally friendly glue coated veneer chip on the substrate on the floor, and then advanced into the pressing machine in the hot, that is made of qualified parquet slab.

Step Ten: floor slab health
Substrate due to the floor and then through the hot paste decorative veneer, slab house and had a greater internal stress, so that the floor slab at constant temperature and humidity need to balance health health store in about 20 days standing, which ensure more stable quality of the floor.

Step 11: Cut slotted floor
After health, the slab will be cut through the slotted device type. The quality of the finished slotted floor mosaic is of great significance, so the domestic big companies cutting equipment imported from Germany, introduced to ensure quality.

Step 12: pouring paint drying stereotypes
After opening slot on the floor, poured paint through the device. After eight primer, four finish of curtain coating, the finished floor surface of the paint will have a moist and rich toughness. After that, just sorting packages, on the end of the production process.