Customer requirements is our tireless pursuit of the goal....£¡

¡ï    More than 30 countries around the world with the agency agents; to provide quality and timely supply of spare parts.
¡ï    Has a skilled and experienced technical service team
¡ï    Products on-site installation, commissioning; and provide detailed training program
¡ï    For the Group and all kinds of large customers to provide the best solutions to cut the wiring and sand
¡ï    Annual product technical exchange and training seminars
¡ï    Production process to solve the user's application of technical problems
¡ï    Meet user requirements, solve customer worries
¡ï    As long as a telephone or a fax, according to the actual situation in providing telephone technical support at the same time; can not be resolved, committed within 24 hours in place; province 48 hours to respond to the Rainbow Service