Name£ºDouble-sided fixed thickness sander

With the plywood industry of the plate surface quality of the increasing of the sanding machine manufacturing technology also requires perfect, VISM company meet this requirement, developed to meet the market requirements of high-sander, sand casting with the rack structure, supporting high-quality imported parts, VISM company set thick double-sided sanding machine for the majority of users:
¡ï new technologies and the safe use of high
¡ï Excellent performance and excellent surface quality
¡ï PC operating terminal ensure good operating comfort

VISM sanding machine is widely used in particle board, MDF, plywood, plywood and other surface will be thick and fine sand.

¡ô Technical Parameters£º
Max Width(mm)     1300    1600    1900
Thickness(mm)  4¡«80
Length(mm)  ≥500
Precision(mm)  ±0.05
Belt Power(KW)  90×2+75×2
Belt Speed(m/s)   28
Before the belt size(mm) 2720×1360
After the belt size(mm) 2720×1360
Power lifting system(KW) 2.2
Dimensions(mm) 3351 × 3700 × 3370
Weight(T) 35