Name£ºSR-RP1000 wide belt sander

This machine is a VISM's advanced technology, based on a new model. Before the roll of steel roller (can also roller), balancing rigorous treatment, smooth, sand-cut effect, and performance. Mainly applied to fixed-thick solid wood floor sanding and polishing the fine blinds.


  Lift table on the control panel with preset function, digital display of workpiece thickness.
  Unique belt fracture, deviation alarms, and automatic brake protection device to ensure the belt parts availability.
  Thickness of the automatic positioning device, the workpiece thickness, improve production efficiency (to be ordered separately).
  New roller pressing device, to avoid a rebound in the process sheet. Ensure sheet flatness.
  Optical control of imports of the belt swing, swing to ensure a smooth belt.
  Imported computer control, easy operation and precise workpiece.
  Imported conveyor belt feeding, to ensure smooth delivery sheet.
  Cleaning brush roller, clean sheet sanding dust.

Length(mm) 1000
Shortest Length(mm) 260
Thickness(mm) 2.5¡«100 mm
Total motor power(kw) 36.07
The amount of cleaning(m3/h) 6000
1#Shelf sand belt speed(m/s) 20
2#Shelf sand belt speed(m/s) 18
Working Pressure(mpa) 0.6
Feeding Speed(m/min) 5¡«20
Vacuum Speed(m/min) 25¡«30
Dimensions(mm) 1695×1700×2210mm
Machine Weight(kg) 3300KG