Name£ºWide belt sander

This machine is applicable to all types of wood surfaces and thickness sanding, fine sanding and other surface polishing plate.

Pressure conveying roller shoe pressurized composite structure, and with a dial indicator to do precision adjustment. Solve the warpage of the workpiece material and the processing starts with a short mop-up phenomenon.
Conveyor lift microcomputer digital control, easy operation, high accuracy.
NBR coated large diameter of the roller screw, good stability; sanding great precision.
Advanced hydraulic drive belt, completely solve the skid, vibration ills.
Abrasive belt use pneumatic control, not dust, power factors
Insufficient air pressure or automatically shut down when the belt breaks, to ensure safety.

Width 1300mm
Shortest Length 200mm
Max Thickness 150mm
Transmission Speed 4-18m/min
Total power of main motor 30KW    22KW
Feed motor power 4   KW
Belt Size 1350*2200mm
Working Pressure 0.6MPa
The amount of cleaning 10000m3/h
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2040*2480*2111mm
Weight 5200kg