Qingdao Vism Machine Equipment CO. LTD. is a high-tech cutting-edge industry-oriented comprehensive international industrial manufacturing companies, the Department sander, wide belt sander, sanding machine stainless steel, stainless steel sander, sanding machine precision , artificial stone sanding machine, primer sanding machine, water scrub-ray machines, general-purpose wide belt sander, high-quality wide belt sander, sanding machine dedicated blinds, special floor sanding machine, shaped surface sanding machine, drawing Machine professional production all kinds of woodworking machinery research and development enterprise.

VISM company was founded in 1937, the history of Germany (Bielefeld) in 2006 to enter the Chinese market, China is authorized to operate independently. Located in the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, a Chinese investment in the construction of modern plants. Is a professional surface treatment machinery and equipment design, production and sales enterprises. One in 30 senior engineers and technicians, the company has always been adhering to the: "efficiency, innovation, hard work of the" constitution and corporate governance "to create quality products and services attained through" business philosophy.
Wiseman Company is committed to high-end product development and production of new, well-designed details of each product. And to strictly control the production process and quality control to create "the highest quality products." Our products have passed CE, Sweden SGS (ISO9001 certified company) and the National Machinery Testing Center quality of the product certification and other certifications, wide belt sander, sanding machines and other woodworking machinery for its outstanding performance and perfect quality sold more than 30 countries and regions.
Company Business and International Trade, is committed to meeting the needs of customers from around the world, providing customers with "the highest quality service." Company personnel training and R & D investment based on continuous technological upgrading and innovation, to attain their products and perfect service system leading industry pioneer.


VISM Founder£º

MIS-KORN£¬is the first sander design originator. Handheld from the most primitive types of broadband extension to the current model. July 27, 1885 born in Germany Holtz Hausen. 1926 MIS-KORN designed conveyor feed sanding, its products have the world at the height of sheet metal manufacturer great favor; MIS-KORN in 1937 founded the city of Bielefeld in Germany VISM business, and quickly factory extended to Italy; Russia. MIS-KORN interpretation of a sander worldwide production change. March 13, 1964 in Germany died Holtz Hausen.

LOGO Basic Elements
Interpretation and logo design logo before and after the combination of pattern; a symbol of the successor company to pay before the development of the concept of.


V -Victory(Meaning a win-win victory on behalf of businesses and customers to progress; win-win development)
I - The Arabic numerals"1";Symbolic enterprises flourishing; always be the first business idea