General dealer development

Introduction: the expansion of sales channels is the basis of marketing, good sales channel for smooth operation of the market and product sales will play a multiplier effect; distribution and direct hand in hand, are an effective channel structure part; this end, The company will continue the development of distribution channels to open up the following principles:

1, the purpose of development of the dealer:
    "Sincere cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, bear the same risk, and common development," Wiseman jointly promote the wider use of global strategy and dedication to provide customers with comprehensive services and advanced solutions.

2, the purpose of development of the dealer:
    Open up sales channels and improve sales efficiency; establishment of a comprehensive sales and service systems; improve customer satisfaction, to form the backbone of large cities, small cities to supplement the distribution network, and gradually form a rational and effective sales channel system.
First, the General
    1 In order to strengthen the "Wiseman machinery" authorized dealer management, and promoting mutual cooperation more standardized and institutionalized to ensure the realization of long-term common interests, are formulated.
    (2) equal distribution of voluntary co-operation to both sides, good faith the principle of reciprocity, to sign the "Wiseman Products Dealer Agreement" shall prevail.
    3 dealers from lower to higher-level dealers are divided into I, II stage dealers two levels.
    4 All dealers shall comply with this approach.
Second, the basic conditions for dealers
    1 legally registered corporate entities, have a legal right to operate.
    (2) good credit.
    3 Trade and Industry for two consecutive years of qualified audit.
    4 have a fixed place of business and booth.
    5 professional sales and service staff.
Third, the distribution enterprises to apply information
    1. "Business license" corporate "organization code certificate" tax registration certificate.
    (2) the Bureau examined a qualified proof.
    3 establishments certificates of title.
    4 Bank credit rating certificate or previous year's financial statements.
    5 corporate profile, marketing performance to the last two years, local market conditions and trends, local policy guidance; marketing environment, ideas and suggestions requested.
Fourth, the dealer's confirmation process
    1 to submit the above information, I will send professionals to the Secretary to inspect them, and write inspection reports.
    (2) of the Company under the inspection report to conduct a special study of those eligible to sign, "Wiseman machinery products Dealer Agreement", the annual sales contract.
    3 The above information on file for the record by the Marketing Center and its incorporated into the normal management.
Fifth, the assessment of distribution companies
    1 assessment of the distribution business, according to its annual sales, annual sales growth rate, the local share of sales, business reputation, marketing, information feedback and other aspects, an integrated approach to scoring, see "Integrated distributors assessment form. "
    (2) assess the dealer once a year.
Sixth, the dealer's obligation to
    1 required to create a user profile.
    (2) sales details according to requirements for filing statements (fax), Wiseman will follow the flow of the market to establish customer profiles.
    3 in writing at least once a month to provide local information.
    4 sales, publicity Wiseman's products, the company must maintain Weissman image, brand image and product image.
    5 sales process, not free or discount to sell more than the maximum retail price (see Table violation penalties).
    6 Machinery Co., Ltd. to comply with business policies and Wiseman other relevant provisions.
    7 To ensure that the interests of managers, strict compliance with the provisions of our price system.
Seven, the dealer's business support
    1 dealer can enjoy different levels of price concessions.
    (2) according to their sales dealers can enjoy year-end awards.
    3 free promotional materials for the dealers (the ratio of distribution), product advertising information, store counter the image of the design data and drawings.
    4 implementation of marketing activities from time to time.
    5 for the dealers to implement information sharing.
    6 for the implementation of regional distributors price protection.
    7 Training of distributors from time to time. Contract and Party after the commencement of training of professionals available to dealers, including: basic knowledge of products, advertising planning knowledge, sales skills training.
    8 gaps in the market for the development of the dealer made by our factory authorized advertising, Division I assume its part of the advertising costs.
    9 The Company will periodically, from time to time send sales staff to assist distributors to open the market for specialized guidance, to make reasonable suggestions, opening up new markets.
    10 held once or twice each year (all) dealers meeting. Main topics are: exchange of experience and understanding of marketing, recognition or reward outstanding dealers, measures to strengthen cooperation and expand common market and competition winning proposal, recreational and commercial tourism.
Eight, shipping, receiving system
    1 can be used to purchase from the dealer put the company on behalf of or by Weissman shipping (shipping of goods contract of sale or agreement to bear).
    (2) Delivery orders shall be delivered ahead of schedule Weissman lead period to facilitate the arrangements for production. And in strict accordance with the provisions of Sales Weissman content fill the order form, fill in the purchase order fax Wiseman Company, the company in accordance with the provisions of the customer and the amount of reimbursement arrangements for delivery.
    3 dealers in the delivery of goods non-destructive inspection Weissman, number correct, the delivery note stamped on the receipt together an effective seal (ie: personal seal or signature and official stamp dealer).
    (4) If the dealer found that the delivery of goods shortage or damage, you need filled or claims should be within 3 days written notice to Wiseman. At the same time, to obtain the transport sector transport accidents notice (including short, the number and causes of damage, etc.). And notice the accident within a week, packing list, receiving a single storage send QMI Mann.
    5 reasons why dealers Ruoyin goods in transit or loss occurred during the extraction, all costs from the dealers themselves.
Nine, return
    1 is indeed difficult for dealers selling a product, you can purchase after three months, five months, in the case without damaging the product, packaging, under the premise can negotiate a replacement swap.
    (2) The quality of this product, for determining the quality of the goods Wiseman will be responsible. However, all product quality issues, the need was confirmed, with the national quality standards and related standards. Does not meet the quality standards, be returned, freight by the Party responsible.
    3 In the use of the product, the human damage, the problem is really a quality product, within three months to ensure that return or exchange.
    (4) If the product distributors or customers due to handling or improper storage and construction, resulting in damage, the Company will not accept returns.
    5 Where the fixed products, such as non-quality problems, shall not be returned.

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